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Betty, a former teacher, is most at ease in her kitchen preparing meals and feasts for family and friends.  Her tireless efforts and desire to pass on family recipes to her three daughters brought to light the majority of the recipes in Three Sisters Back to the Beginning and Three Sisters Around the Greek Table.


Eleni is an accomplished artist with exhibitions and distinctions worldwide.  Her love of photography and her passion for food and family found expression in Three Sisters Around The Greek Table.   For Three Sisters Back to the Beginning, Eleni traveled to Greece, documenting childhood, and the connection between family, place and identity. Eleni is the proud mom of two boys.

Samantha was a passionate teacher of young children for many years before her love for cooking spurned on the idea and the partnership that brought about
the creation of the books Three Sisters Around the Greek Table and Three Sisters Back to the Beginning.  These projects balanced her talents in the kitchen with the office, where she mastered graphic design, photography, and social media.

Picture an old three-storey red brick home in Toronto’s Greek town. Our immediate family lived on the second floor, our uncle, his wife and four children were on the main floor, and tenants took up residence on the remaining two levels. It was a busy, loud, and colourful place to grow up. Greek was our first language and while living on Toronto’s Danforth, it seemed that everyone was just like we were – Greek that is; from the butcher to the baker, to the grocery store owner, and even our family doctor.